Global TCV Alumni Tenshug Offering 

Amala’s Gyaton and TCV 61th Anniversary Celebrations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is being celebrated?  And why?

Our beloved Ama Jetsun Pema la will be turning eighty this year.  TCV alumni all over the world, staff and students, have come together to celebrate this as a Gyaton year to express their deep gratitude and thank her for a lifetime of service to Tibetan children’s welfare and education. Amala’s wish is not to have grand celebrations done for her sake and instead requested us to make a Tenshug (long-life) offering to His Holiness the Dalai Lama on behalf of all Tibetan children, in Tibet especially and outside. 2021 also marks the 60th founding anniversary of the TCV school system. The Tenshug and the celebrations for the Gyaton and the 60th anniversary will be held in October 2021 in Dharamsala, India.


Who is organizing it?  Where can I get more information?

A committee consisting of representatives from TCV alumni associations (TCVAA) and alumni communities all over the world was formed for the purpose of planning and organizing the celebrations, in coordination with TCV Head Office.  Alumni here refers to both former students and staff members, and from all TCV locations.  Visit https://www.tcvaa.org/gyathon-2020.html to learn more.  On Facebook, follow “Global TCV Alumni Tenshuk & Gyathon Organizing Committee” page for current updates.

Also, contact your local TCV Alumni Association (TCVAA) or area Coordinator for information on local Gyaton celebration plans and fund-raising activities.  Their contact info can be found here:  https://www.tcvaa.org/committee-1.html


Am I invited?

Of course!  Every TCV alumni, whether student or staff, and from all TCV locations, and their families are invited to join the celebrations in Dharamsala in October 2020.  A formal invitation was sent by the Global TCV Alumni Gyaton and Tenshug Organizing Committee and the TCV Head Office Alumni Desk to everyone.  If case you have not received it directly, please access it here:  https://www.tcvaa.org/gyathon-2020.html.


What are the main event dates?

Tenshug is postpone to oct 2021. Exact date will be publish latter. 

I will not able to attend the celebrations in Dharamsala.  What I can do to help and be involved?

Every alumni is very much a focus and part of the events whether you are able to attend in person in Dharamsala or not.  The following are what you can do to help and be involved:

Participate and help with local Gyaton celebration and fund-raising events organized by local TCVAA or committees
Contribute to the Tenshug and Gyaton fund to help defray the costs of organizing them
Buy and help sell tickets for a raffle being organized by the organizing Committee. Each ticket costs $20 and the more you buy, the better the chance of winning the $10k first prize!  All the proceeds from the raffle will be donated TCV Students’ Scholarship Fund.

Contact your local TCVAA and Coordinator for details: https://www.tcvaa.org/committee-1.html


Did 52,000 students really graduate from TCV schools?

This an estimate based on available information and still growing each year.  Yes, it is very a big number, equivalent to about half the Tibetan exile population.  However if you consider the fact the TCV was founded 60 years ago and students started formally graduating in 1978 from Upper TCV and every year thereafter from an increasing number of schools, vocational centers and a college, the estimate is not far-fetched.


I have been out of touch for some time now.  How is TCV doing these days?

Visit the TCV’s website at https://www.tcv.org.in for current info.

TCV’s mission of providing sound modern education firmly rooted in Tibet’s history, culture and spiritual values to Tibetan children and “making them self-reliant and contributing members of the Tibetan society” continues. TCV as an organization has come a long way from its early days when Amala used to personally hand-write letters to friends, schoolmates, and supporters asking them to help provide for the desperate needs of the children in the nursery. Over the years, many governmental and charitable organizations, including the Govt. of India, SOS Kinderdorf International and Tibet Aid groups and thousands of private individuals from around the world have stepped in and donated in kind and financially, and helped TCV grow into what it has become today, a premier Tibetan educational institution. However in the recent times, as the Tibetan exile community has become more self-reliant, many international donors have scaled backed their giving and TCV has been facing funding challenges due to gradual decline in donation intakes, especially after the 2008 global financial crisis. It is a great opportunity for the global TCV alumni community now, especially those in North America, Europe and Australia, to step in and show that we are able and willing to help fill in the gap. Many are already doing so thru sponsorship initiatives and raising funds for various projects. On the occasion of Amala’s Gyaton, we hope each one of you will make a commitment to give back to the TCV family and help it continue to fulfill its critical mission.