Name list  of advisor 

​1) Pema Tsultrim la ​:

  (Former Director of TCV Handicraft center, Former Director of TCV Suja &

  Former President of Tibetan community of NY & NJ) 

2) Tsering Wangyal Khatatsang : President 1st & 2nd Executive member.

3) Phurbu Dorjee : President of 3rd Executive members.

4 ) Gawa Dorjee  : President of 4th Executive members. 

5) Dawa Bhuti : President of 5th Executive members. 

6) Tenzin Namgyal Tsotsong: President of 6th Executive members.

7) Pasang Dhondup Norkyl: President of 7th Executive members.

8) Karma Rinchen : President of 8th Board Members

Appointment of Advisors

All the Past President will be automatically become Advisors. Beside this The Board can appoint distinguished personalities as advisors to the Board from Members and non-Members of the Association.   

Rights of Advisors

The advisors shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Board upon invitation from the Board in an advisory capacity. They shall not be entitled to vote at Board meetings.

Conflict of InterestThe advisors shall be subject to the same rules with respect to conflict of interest as any Member of the Board of Directors.

Terms of Advisors The term of Advisors shall cease at the end of the term of the existing board. However, this By-Law does not preclude the new Board from retaining such advisors as it considers appropriate.  Exception to Past President.